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Are you excited by offers of 24/7 service that are being made by many people? You may not appreciate the value of this service unless you feel the need. People are happy about the 24/7 service offered by hospitals because they find a lot of people need this service. Freddy Lock Expresss Tacoma Locksmiths has set up this service though this may not be needed by many people. But even if only a few people may need this service for helping them solve their problems with their locks, this service is worth having. Offering this service is in tune with our commitment to excellent customer service.


Does your master key system work well?

A master key system is expected to solve some problems. But if the system installed by you has been creating rather than solving problems, then you will have to find out what is wrong with the system Freddy Lock Expresss can help you identify the causes for the problems and overcome these causes. We are well versed in the intricacies of a master key system. W can quickly identify factors that help the system and factors that hinder the system. We will analyze the components of the master key system and locate the problem areas that you need to work on.

Problems with your padlocks – Choose the best service

Don’t underestimate the problems with your padlocks and allow your padlocks repaired by unskilled mechanics. Padlocks are excellently built to give you smooth service for a long time. Inept handling of padlocks will lead to a bad repair job. The padlocks will either keep giving you trouble with recurring problems or become useless. Get expert help from Freddy Lock Expresss to get your padlocks repaired properly. When we do a repair job, we find out what has caused the problem and fix the issue that has caused the problem so that the problem will not repeat itself. Call us to make your padlocks perfect.

Getting your keys radio-dispatched – service at its best

We use radio-dispatching to improve our customer service. We keep pace not only with the technology pertaining to the making of locks but with technology, in general. Our service is quite fast. People who call us will soon find our people arriving fast to look at their problems and solve them. Our technicians are provided with a comprehensive toolkit so that they can use any tool needed. But if the locks or keys are to be repaired at our workshops, then we get them radio-dispatched for effecting faster delivery. Call Freddy Lock Expresss and experience our use of technology for your benefit.

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