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Getting the right security system today is part of good business and whether the system is for home or work, you need a system that works. Contrary to the traditional belief that locksmiths only deal with locks and keys, today many locksmiths are security experts who understand and install security systems for clients. Because the world has moved from traditional locks and keys; our technicians have also adapted, and are able to provide a host of services. With Freddy Lock Express Federal Way WA; you can be sure that we have the right knowledge and expertise to help you select the right security system for your home or office. So, let us assist you today.


Locked out of your vehicle? Freddy Lock Express can fix it!

When you find yourself needing to replace the vehicle locks on your car; you should see an expert to help you make the switch. With vehicle locks going digital and sometimes working on transponders instead of a traditional key; its better to let the experts help you make the switch. Working with Freddy Lock Expresss, your vehicle locks will be replaced in minimal time and your car security will be taken up to another level. Let Freddy Lock Expresss in help you make the switch to more secure vehicle locks. Give us a call today.

No need to get stranded in the evenings, Locksmith Federal Way WA work evenings

Losing your keys to your home or car at night can be a nightmare; if you do not have a locksmiths who works evenings. It’s easy to think that it may not happen to you but it’s also better to plan ahead and not be taken by surprise in the event that you do not have a spare set of keys and find yourself locked out for some apparent reason. Having a Tacoma locksmith who can assist you at any time of the day is invaluable. Speak to one of Freddy Lock Express Federal Way WA’s professionals today; and let us assist you with your lock and key needs.

Get Break-in repairs done for you by our locksmith in Federal Way WA

After a break in, you need to rebuild and have someone perform break in repairs to ensure that the break in does not occur again. Many people do not know that locksmiths are also professional security personnel who understand the ins and outs of security in today’s tough economy. Break in repairs should ensure that future break ins are prevented. That is why it’s important to work with an expert professional. Get an expert Locksmith near me in Federal Way WA to perform break in repairs on your behalf today. Get in touch on 253-245-1010.

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