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The Lokitron, Goji, Doorbot, Cannon Viewer, and Piper Home Security can all be linked to an app on your smartphone. This gives you the power to be aware of the your homes security from any location with your smartphone. These devices can grant the power to open and lock your doors from a distance, as well as, check for burglaries or fires. At Freddy Lock Express, we want that all of our customers have access to the newest technologies on the market. Residential Locksmith Tacoma WA is a proud provider of advanced devices for home security.

Locksmith Tacoma WA Integrates Technology with the Customer

Residential Locksmith Tacoma WA want to bring to your home brand new security technology that will be simple and reliable for years. Wireless security, door sensors, exterior signs, and central located keypads can be installed by our specialist 24 hours a day. The moment that you notice a flaw in the design of your home security then call us at Freddy Lock Express commercial locksmith. A technician will be on the way immediately with devices that our team use on our own homes. Trust in our security because it is what we use for ourselves.

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A Car Locksmith in Tacoma WA for the Neighborhood

When it comes to automotive physical it is important to talk to a specialist. We have a Tacoma locksmith that has devoted his time to understanding the best techniques in protecting cars from theft. Our technician can supply and install name brand car alarms like Viper, Python, and many others. Also, we highly recommend a professional installation of vehicle security vault. A vehicle security vault is the best way to protect valuables that are left in the car. Call today and speak to a technician.

A Residential Locksmith in Tacoma WA for Safes and Vaults

We have mobile residential locksmith in Tacoma WA that specializes specifically in safes and vaults for the home. The best way to keep valuables, documents, or fire arms in the house is with a security storage device. These devices will protect their contents from thieves, fires, and moisture. Our specialist can repair these devices, as well as, deliver new ones. Imagine a brand new safe or vault delivered and installed in your home at this very moment. A trusted brand like ioSafe, Gun Vault, or Fire King can be yours right now.

Locksmith and Professional Picklock

The very gizmos, gadgets, and expertise to open a lock without damage can be dispatched to your location at a moments notice. We are a emergency locksmith Tacoma that is known for professional lock picking. It is important to use a professional if you want to preserve the lock. An amateur is likely to damage the device and it will cost you more to fix. You are saving both time and money by calling our professional lock picker. Call 253-245-1010 and we will get you out of the cold in a record time.


Licensed Members of Associated Locksmiths of America

When it comes to maintaining the greatest education on physical security the ALOA is the best. This is an organization with decades of experience training locksmiths in all the new lock technology in the market place. You can rest assured that we have taken the time to stay updated. If your home or workplace needs a technology for defense; then we will be there with the right know how. You can trust in our certifications and you can trust in our reliability. We are the punctual and educated.

An Emergency 24 Hour Locksmith for the Neighborhood

Our residential locksmiths have the fastest response team for any locksmith working in the local area. If there is a need for repairs, lock picking, or installation then our team will be there at a moments notice even on holidays. It can be Thanksgiving at 3 am and we’ll be there to help. We want you to know that we will treat every call with the same urgency that is required. We built this company for convenience and we want to help build you a safer home. The minute that you need a key replace or a lock installed call and one of our technicians will be there within 15 minutes.

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