Standard Security Deadbolt Locks For You

It is pretty easy to imagine yourself faced with frequent attacks and break-ins into your home if you do not have a proper deadbolt lock installed. Your security and that of your home are greatly diminished if your doors are left without deadbolts. The same applies if your doors are locked with a substandard or inferior deadbolt lock.

When faced with that uncertain reality, there can only be one solution available to you. It is one thing to have locks on your doors. However, it is an entirely different thing to have first-class locks on your door. Proper, quality locks on your door ensure your safety and security like no other appliance or tool. The smart locks are even better. They ensure you no longer fuss over keys, and you know exactly when your door opens or closes. Also, they are a lock for any and every door. Apart from the guarantee of heightened security, the benefits of having superior locks on your door cannot be overemphasized.

Freddy Lock Express is home to remarkably exceptional door locks and more. We are a locksmith company in Tacoma, WA, that specializes in all lock-related issues. Furthermore, our locks are made of very high-quality materials and are durable and convenient for any kind of door. The services we render solutions to various door locks issues. Our services include automotive locksmith services, residential locksmith services, commercial locksmith services, and emergency locksmith services.


Get A Quality Deadbolt Lock Today!

All locks are not the same. Some locks can do a fairly good job for you, lasting just a short time. These locks barely keep your doors locked, but they still keep you largely vulnerable to attacks. These are not the kinds of locks we offer you.

Our deadbolts are small in size and fragile when compared to traditional door locks with handles. They comprise the latest technology that features mechanisms that are not easy to get through without the genuine key. The mechanisms are distinct and, therefore, make your door more resistant to forced entry. Most modern locks are operated from the inside via a thumbpiece. This is actually not the most secure option.

Our quality locks are operated with keys from inside and outside, which helps protect your property against theft. So, contact us today to get a quality deadbolt lock for your property. You can reach us through our contact number, 253-245-1010. Or you may contact us via email at

Professional Locksmiths At Your Service

Freddy Lock Express in Tacoma, WA, is home to the most professional locksmiths in town. Our locksmiths are adept at delivering top-notch services to customers. In addition, they are expert door locksmiths who have garnered experience from dealing with numerous clients over the years. With the understanding that the most expensive thing in your possession is your home, we ensure that it is adequately protected.

It is important that you invest in high-security locks in order to prevent home invasions. Our professional locksmiths are always at your service to ensure that you get the best locks for your home at a very affordable price. Do not wait till your weak deadbolt lock is taken advantage of by home invaders. So, contact our security door lock experts today to fix or install top-quality door locks for you.

Round The Clock Locksmith Service

Nothing hurts more than being in an emergency situation with no one available to help you. We have all been there-in situations where we were in dire need of urgent help. But no one came through. Well, with our 24/7 locksmith services, that problem has been eliminated, as long as door locks are concerned. You can reach out to us at any time of day or night.

Even at the most inconvenient hour, our team of locksmiths will attend to you in an attempt to set up your deadbolt lock and keep your house highly protected. We will be able to install a new lock, fix an old, flailing one, issue new keys to your locks, and so much more. All of this is primarily aimed at ensuring your home is as safe and secure as it can possibly be.

Contact Us Today!

Every home needs some serious protection. Insecurity in the streets is a real thing. You do not want to give home invaders a helping hand by leaving your home unprotected. Ensure that you and your loved ones get maximum protection at home by using our security door locks. Our deadbolt lock comes at little or no cost at all. You can contact us in Tacoma, WA, via our email or through our contact number 253-245-1010.

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