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Freddy Lock Express My Tacoma Locksmith BBB was selected by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for receiving the prestigious title of “Best Business in Tacoma of 2013”.

Throughout the year, BBB hires consumers just like you to shop at various businesses throughout our great town. The owners of the businesses are not aware of the identity of these consumers; so they cannot bias them in any way. We provide our consumers with a list of items to test from each business, testing various aspects of each business. At least three of the sales team members and one member of the management team must interact with them.

This year, we are proud to say that Freddy Lock Express has maintained excellence above all other businesses. According to our consumers, Freddy Lock Express maintained the highest quality of service, with many consumers indicating that the employees were very friendly and knowledgeable. Consumers also reported that Freddy Lock Express was always well-staffed and well-stocked. “Whenever I had a question there was always a representative nearby and not once did I see anything that was out of stock”.

Overall, consumers were very satisfied with their experience at Freddy Lock Express, claiming “I was greeted like I was a regular, they made me feel very welcomed and comfortable” and “They were able to explain to me the inner workings of complicated items with ease, I felt like they really cared.”

my tacoma locksmith bbb - Freddy Lock Express

Freddy Lock Express – Best Tacoma Locksmith BBB

Freddy Lock Express also offers many emergency in-home services at no additional fee for recurring customers; you simply pay for the items you require. Furthermore, Freddy Lock Express offers many items with a lifetime warranty and a free in-home estimate for new customers. A family-owned business; Freddy Lock Express’s has made it a point to make every customer feel like a part of their family.

For years, Freddy Lock Express has been a part of our great community; helping us unlock our car and home doors, making us copies of our keys, recommending the latest and most adequate items in locking technology; and helping us maintain our peace of mind when it comes to our security systems.

It seems as though Freddy Lock Express has covered all of its bases; making sure to welcome new customers with open arms and giving recurring clients a reason to return. We commend you on your excellent business practices Freddy Lock Express; and we hope that all of our dear city’s businesses will follow your example.

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