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Having your safe or vault get jammed or locked up can lead you to panic. Considering that you have valuables in your safe or vault, its important to work with an expert to extract the contents safely without breaking the safe. Freddy Lock Expresss are well trained to have safes and vaults opened without breaking them. Working with an expert will help you avoid any delays and heartaches; because the expert knows how to undertake the task at hand. Don’t let your valuables be risked by taking on the job yourself. Call Freddy Lock Express Bremerton WA today to speak to one of our trained experts.


Advanced authentic transponder keys done and replaced

When your transponder keys stop responding or the battery dies, you will need a replacement. Our employees are trained lock and key experts but also specialize in the replacement of vehicle keys such as transponders. Replacing the transponder is not that easy but it can be done and you can have peace of mind that the best technology is being used to replace your keys. The locksmith will also advise you on how you can find a duplicate transponder key as a backup for future use. Let Freddy Lock Express in Bremerton WA handle the replacement of your transponder keys for you today.

Improve your home security with the best window gates from Locksmith Bremerton WA

Securing your home is one of the most important things you can do; and using new security tools like window gates can be effective to avert any intruders. Most crimes tend to occur through windows so installing window gates can help to stop any potential crimes. By working with a home security locksmith to install the window gates you can get a tailor made solution that is suited to your home. Window gates are becoming more common in a number of suburbs and cities. Get your home security stepped up to the next level by calling Freddy Lock Express Bremerton WA today on 253-245-1010.

Weekend emergency? Good news, we work weekends!

Peace of mind is something that comes as a result of having assurance and knowing that you have a Puyallup locksmith who works weekends can offer some peace of mind. A crisis can occur at any time and when you lose your keys or break them; you may need a replacement for them as soon as possible and most businesses do not operate over the weekends. However with a locksmith who works weekends, you can go about your business confidently and can easily call our locksmith Tacoma whenever you need any one of your keys replaced or fixed.