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If you want the best in security for your office or home, consider having high security locks installed. Compared to ordinary locks, high security locks are designed to withstand force for long periods and do not easily break like other locks. Having a Federal Way locksmith who understands your need for top level security can help you find the right security locks for your business or home. Its important to recognize the need to find an expert who understands your specific requirements; and who is reliable to deliver on time. Freddy Lock Express Olympia WA can assist you with finding the right security locks. So, give us a call today.


Let Freddy Lock Express In WA install master key systems for you.

As the owner of multiple properties, you may be challenged to manage your properties; and may need someone to install master key systems to ease the challenge of property management off your shoulders. With multiple properties, come multiple management issues such as the administration of changing and handing over keys. With a master key system; you get one set of keys that act as the master set for all the properties. So whenever you need to replace or change keys for one of your properties; you can do that with the master key set. Freddy Lock Express in Olympia WA is trained to install master key systems. So, speak to one of them today at 253-245-1010.

Let Freddy Lock Express Olympia WA help you with professional Lockout services

In the first place, being locked out by force or mistake is not a fun experience, which is why getting a locksmith near me who provides lockout services can be helpful. The unpleasant nature of being denied access to something that is yours can bring in panic but you do not have to worry. Today locksmiths generally provide a host of services; including lockout services for a host of situations including home lockouts and car lockouts. Moreover, working with a locksmith who understands what your needs are and can get the job done within a short space of time is vital. Hence, give Freddy Lock Express Olympia WA a call today and let us work with you.

Get the right Master key system to administrate your properties from our locksmiths

Managing your many home properties can be a big task especially when you have a number of tenants moving in and leaving as well; which is one of the reasons why you should consider having a master key system installed. A master key system makes it easy for you to manage your properties by having a master set of keys that you can use for all your properties. This means less keys to deal with and less headaches when it comes to replacing the keys or changing them. So, call one of our locksmiths today to see how we can help you.

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