Freddy Lock Express in Spanaway

Try our high security locks for guaranteed security cover!

When it comes to security, there should not be any complacency on your part. It is only when you have the high security locks designed and developed by Freddy Lock Express in Spanaway that you can be sure of getting the kind of security cover you always wanted. If you are running business or want to secure your large home, our locks are the perfect partner you need to be investing in for securing yourself and your belongings. We have made sure that only high end technologies and superior grade materials have gone into making these locks for you. These locks are available with us 24/7.

When our ignition keys work for you, peace of mind is guaranteed

More often than not the ignition keys play a very important role in determining how your car will work. When you have the right keys for your car, you will have peace of mind knowing that your car will function properly and that you can have a perfect drive whenever you wish to. Freddy Lock Express in Spanaway has perfected the art of making these keys for all types of cars. So no matter which car model you own, you are sure to find a key with us! These keys can be ordered through us anytime during our operational hours and can be provided to you in a matter of minutes.

One-of-a-kind key duplication services for you

Have you ever had to deal with situations like losing keys and wondering what to do next? Have you ever wondered what you can do with your damaged key? If you have been to any of these situations before, you would surely know how tough it is deal with them. It is therefore important that you have duplicate keys at your disposal that can be used whenever and wherever required. Only a leading service provider like Freddy Lock Express in Spanaway can guarantee you on providing quick and efficient key duplication services that will help you all the way through. Our services are quick, reliable and affordable.

Our omnipresent lockout services will provide you instant relief!

There is no longer a need to break down your doors or windows in case you are dealing with a lockout situation at your place. Our lockout services are available to you whenever you need them. We make sure to provide these services to you across multiple places so you do not have to wait for hours to wriggle out of an emergency situation. Freddy Lock Express in Spanaway has several teams in place providing these services. Just call us at 253-245-1010 and request for these services! We will be glad to listed to you and provide the much needed services quickly and affordably.