Freddy Lock Express in Mercer Island

Repairing your transponder keys – To do or not do

If your transponder keys become faulty, you have two options. The first option is to get the keys repaired. The second option is to discard the keys and buy new ones. The second option is obviously more expensive but you can exercise the first option only if you can be sure of getting the keys repaired. If you seek the help of Freddy Lock Express in Mercer Island for repairing your transponder keys, you can exercise the first option with confidence. Though transponder keys are products of the digital era and are programmed to work using a software application, we have the expertise to repair them.

Problems with your window gates – They need serious attention

Any problem with your window gates should receive your immediate attention. You should consider even small problems with your window gates serious because window gates are important from the security point of view. It will be very easy for unscrupulous people to enter your homes through window gates. Any weaknesses in the window gates will make the task of an intruder easy. Even if one bar is broken, it provides a gap which will be used by skilled intruders to their advantage. If you engage Freddy Lock Express in Mercer Island to repair your window gates, we will make the window gates give you foolproof security.

Repairing your magnetic locks – Get the best service from us

If you are looking for someone to repair your magnetic locks, you will find that Freddy Lock Express in Mercer Island is the best in terms of service and reliability. Since we specialize in repairing locks, we have developed expertise in locks using modern technology as well. We recruit people who have the special knowledge about magnetic devices in general and magnetic locks in particular. These people can quickly locate the fault in your magnetic locks. They will know from their knowledge and experience how to rectify them. Our professional approach will ensure that your magnetic lock repairs are handled with efficiency to make them function well.

New locks installation – Is it really important?

The importance of a step will be often realized only when you ignore it and suffer the consequences. If you don’t consider new locks installation to be important, then you may have to learn how important the installation is only when you start getting problems with your locks. There are factors like the alignment of the lock, the angle at which it is fixed etc. which will affect the smooth functioning of a lock. If you want to ensure that your locks are installed properly, get the job done by Freddy Lock Express in Mercer Island. To get our expert service, call us at 253-245-1010.