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Using the best security setup for your office is one of the best investments you can make in today’s business environment. High security locks eliminate the need for lock and key and instead work on a access code or biometric scanners which can prevent intruders from gaining access to your office. Commercial locksmiths are able to assist you with the installation of high security locks and can also advise you on other security measures you can take. Its always better to work with a professional locksmith who understands your security needs. If you need a security expert, give Freddy Lock Express Fife WA a call today.


Let Freddy Lock Express in Fife WA install master key systems

Owners of multiple residential and commercial properties understand that managing a number of properties can be a headache which is why having someone install master key systems. A master key system simplifies the process of having to handle a lot of keys; as you have one master set of keys that you can use instead of having multiple sets. A locksmith near me who understands the setup of multiple homes/properties can help you with the setup of a master key system. With the master key setup, you will only need one set of keys to use for replacing, duplicating and making copies. This makes your life easier. Let Freddy Lock Expresss in Fife WA help you with installing a master key system for your home today.

Let Freddy Lock Express Fife WA assist you with Lockout services

Being locked out or having your locks jammed can be a terrible experience. Having a locksmith who provides lockout services can do you a world of good if you have them on call. Its not a bad thing to lose your keys; or have your lock jammed but when you do not have a solution to the lockout; you can find yourself becoming afraid. Locksmiths tend to specialize in a variety of services including lockout services. You may discover that your lock may be to blame for the lockout and with Freddy Lock Express Fife WA on scene; you can have access to your home or office again. Speak to our experts today.

Locksmiths can help you manage your properties better with the Master key system

With a master key system, the work load of managing a number of properties becomes easier to handle. A master key system allows you to use one master set of keys; to manage and administrate a number of rooms. With a master set, you can easily duplicate and replace keys using just the main set of keys. Instead of having to move around with a huge bundle of keys; you can instead work with just one set and manage all your properties. The master key system can be installed by a locksmith expert who specializes in commercial residential security services. Consider calling our locksmiths today on 253-245-1010 to see what solution we can provide for you. Call Locksmith Tacoma 24/7!

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