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As the need to improve security grows, so do the types of security measures employed and many businesses are turning to magnetic locks as the ideal alternative to other kinds of locks. Compared to most kinds of locks, magnetic locks can work with digital security systems and also have a manual override. Magnetic locks are also designed to withstand high levels of force meaning they are durable. When considering which kind of locks to install, you should speak to an expert locksmith who understands security. Freddy Lock Express Lakewood WA are trained security professionals. Give us a call today to discuss your security needs.


New locks installation done while you wait by Freddy Lock Expresss

Replacing old locks and having someone perform new locks installation is usually the first thing you do when you move into a new home. You would not really know who lived in the home before you and its always better to be safe than sorry. When selecting new locks, you may want to change to magnetic door locks or even digital door locks and speaking to a locksmith about the best lock options is always the place to start from. Freddy Lock Expresss have been in the lock business for a long time and are ready to assist you. Speak to us today.

Secure your home by having a peephole installation done by our Locksmith Lakewood WA

As home security needs grow, so does the need for simple security measures that are affordable and still work such as having a locksmith near me help you with peephole installation. A peephole is one of the most affordable but effective security systems you can have installed for you. Most people tend to open their front door when someone knocks and with the level of crime coming through the front door; a peephole can be a deterrent for would be intruders. Even though it looks so simple; the peephole is very effective because you do not have to open your door to see who is there. To get yours today, give Freddy Lock Express Lakewood WA a call now.

Broken keys stuck in the door? Let Locksmith in Lakewood WA remove broken keys for you

Leaving the office a bit late on Friday night as you lock up; you hear the crunching sound of broken metal and realize that your office keys have been broken. You will now need someone to help you remove the broken keys, there goes the thought of catching that movie with friends tonight. Moreover, you are in luck as the office has a locksmith on call that has a radio dispatched service and someone comes to your aid to assist you. Within an hour, the crisis is averted and you close the door to your car and start your engine. Here’s to a great weekend. Let Freddy Lock Express in Lakewood WA assist you with broken key extraction. Give us a call on 253-245-1010

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