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Majority of the locksmiths are open during the day hours only. Freddy Lock Express Auburn Locksmith is offering professional locksmith services for 24 hours a day. How are we able to manage it? We have a unique business model. We don’t have a retail outlet. Moreover, we deliver services by using mobile radio dispatched vans. These vans are on the move, we send nearest available van staff to cater you in the hour of need. This is how we are managing to offer 24/7 service to our clients. To hire our services, just pick up the phone and call us.

auburn wa locksmith - Freddy Lock Express

We Are Delivering Highly Efficient Broken Key Extraction Service

Training is a core element of our backstage business operations. Our employees learn a lot from the training sessions. This is why our staff is able to perform efficiently in complex tasks such as removing broken key. Our 4 highly experienced individuals form a team to deal with broken key extraction tasks. We can deliver the services on an urgent basis. Frederick Lock Express Auburn WA Locksmith has a reputation for providing efficient services. Hire us if any of your keys break in the future. We are here to cater to you.

Auburn WA Locksmith Delivers Urgent Car Lockout Services

Earlier, it took us almost an hour to reach at customer’s location in order to deliver car lockout services. Now, we only need 15 minutes of time frame to address the issue when you are stuck outside your car. What brings this huge change? We have added 20 radio dispatched vans to our business assets. These vans are spread in different zones of your city. At least one of our vans is nearby your location all the time. Freddy Lock Express Locksmith in Auburn WA is looking forward to help you in trouble times. Just give us a call and explain the situation.

Installing Dead-Bolts As Per Your Request

Let us know your requirements when you hire our services. We cater you in an efficient manner. When it comes to dead-bolts installation, we send the staff after analyzing your request. In the case of a residential installation, we send an individual to handle the job. Many commercial sites, however, require many deadbolts. In such a situation, we send a team of experienced technicians to cater you. Auburn WA Locksmith is determined to deliver adequate solutions for your lock and security problems. Call us for more details at 253-245-1010.

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