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Reliable Locksmiths in Tacoma

Padlocks on sale

When looking for a padlock, you don’t just need any. You need one that can help you with the kind of need you have. The best padlocks are available at Reliable Locksmiths in Tacoma. Visit us and you will get to know why. Our brand is already established in the market and beyond. Do your research and you will definitely know that we are telling the truth. You can never go wrong by choosing our services.

Best Locksmith in Tacoma

24/7 service available

Looking for an ever-available locksmith company? Well, consider choosing Best Locksmith in Tacoma. This is a 24/7 service offering the best security and locksmith services ever. You don’t have to wait any further. Just get on your phone and contact us. We will be there ready to work on your security assignments. We deliver high quality products that match international standards. You can never find any good company than ours around the region. You can conduct your own study to establish this fact.

Freddy Lock Express

Mobile Home Locks Could Do Wonders For You

Do you know there are such locks which could be uninstalled and installed without having technical knowledge? One can remove the particular lock from a door and apply it somewhere else. Mobile home locks is the name given to this device by our industry. Efficient features and easy to use mechanism makes the mobile locks special in various manners. Freddy Lock Express gains latest range of mobile security devices every year from fifteen manufacturers.

Freddy Lock Express Residential Locksmith

Master key system – a blessing or a curse?

Vehicle and Window Locks

Watch out for our vehicle locks

You will surely come across different types of vehicle locks when you are shopping for them in the market these days. But sadly, not all of them can be employed to secure your vehicle. You need to employ only those locks that are compatible with your vehicle. If at all you need help with regards to locks, contact Freddy Lock Express We have a wide range of locks that you can consider using to secure your vehicle. Our locks are efficient in their working and will certainly last long.

Freddy Lock Express - Re-keying and Peephole Installation

Interested in getting peephole installation done at your place? Contact us

Have you been contemplating installing peephole on your doors? Wondering what the final price and turnaround is going to be? Worry not. For any help related to peephole installation and security, there is only Freddy Lock Express that you can trust fully. We are reachable at your service anytime during the day and for all days of the week. All you need to do is give us a call at 253-245-1010 and sit back while our specialists will work on your doors to have peepholes installed on them.

Tacoma Dead-Bolts and Door Locks

Dead-Bolts Are Perfect For A Commercial Site

A dead bolt is small in size. It is fragile compared to traditional handle door locks. There are only two popular types of dead-bolts. Where do you think dead bolts can be used? The best place to opt for a dead bolt is within the internal environment. Commercial offices mostly use dead bolts at the cabin doors. These locks have latest technology featured mechanism which is not easy to get through without the genuine key.

BBB Certificate

For their outstanding commitment to customer service and client satisfaction, Freddy Lock Express has been chosen to receive the prestigious title of “Best Business in Tacoma of 2013” by the Better Business Practices (BBB)

Emergency Roadside Assistance

Tacoma Locksmith's emergency roadside service won’t be beat in quality, quickness or price. Lock outs happen and chip keys need to be reprogrammed (especially with recent improvements in technology) so many accidents such as this happen more and more frequently. We promise we won’t make a bad day get worse, how? Because all of our mobile locksmith fleet is prepared for any situation. Tacoma Locksmith's mobile dispatch center is open 24/7 for all your emergency lock out needs, transponder key reprogramming, ignition key replacement, trunk opening and re-keying.

What do I do if I am locked out of my car?

The simple answer to this question is to call a locksmith in your area. A reputable locksmith company is open for business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to handle emergencies such as roadside assistance, and will send a skilled technician to your location shortly after calling them. So don’t risk damaging your vehicle when a professional can get you back on the road for less than the price of replacing a busted lock or a shattered window.

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